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Healing Acne Patches (Day & Night Combo)

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Healing Acne Patches (Day & Night Combo)



Got Pimples, Acne Scars, Skin Blemishes? 

Here is the simple solution that you have been looking for. 

These Acne Patches formulated with hydrophilic colloid from Belgium. They cover the inflamed acne or pimple and absorbs the secretions effectively, to help heal and smooth your skin. 

This patch will diminish the inflammation of the skin to help accelerate and promote the rapid healing of pimples and acne scars. 

This patch is designed with your comfort in mind, being transparent you can wear this patch with confidence and knowledge that your skin is fully protected and is being taken cared for. 



There is a load of benefits with using the acne patch.

Here is just a few. 

Effective: These acne patches use hydrophilic colloid which is a wound-healing material, they will heal pimples almost instantly, while leaving your skin feeling smooth and natural. 

Safe & Non- Irritating: Made with Tea Tree extracts the products are Natural which means you do not need to worry about skin rashes. Unlike other ordinary patches, they are totally safe for your skin, with zero side effect or skin trouble

Simple to Use: Our speedy solution anti-trouble care acne patches are profoundly easy to use. All you need to do is simply apply the cover to the acne pore and change it daily and watch your skin heal and the blemishes disappear. 

Absorbs & Protects: Our acne absorbing covers work like sponges and absorb pus and oil, cleansing the pore thoroughly. They also act as protective covers against dirt and reduce the urge to squeeze.

What you get: You will be getting the Day & Night Combo. With each package containing 22 patches, you will be fully covered day and night to give you the best possible results. We know that you will absolutely love these products, but any reason you find this product is not right for you, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try this product 100% risk-free.


It's quite simple really. 

Other skin products require you to put all types of crazy chemicals on your skin. 

These Natural Tea Tree Extract patches, will not cause any reactions, and the Day and Night combo will ensure that you will be protecting and healing your skin 24/7

These patches are designed with comfort in mind, being transparent and light no one will know that you are wearing and you won't even feel them as it's doing its job which is repairing and healing damaged skin. 

The Secret weapon. 

These HEALING acne patches are the secret weapon to help you feel tackle those irritating skin issues, from acne, pimples, and skin blemishes. We promise that once those issues are solved that you will feel more confident and happier as you radiate a new and healthier skin and a more confident YOU out to the world. 

This is the simple skin care solution that you have been looking for! 

Try the HEALING acne patches (Day & Night Combo) and become a confident and happier version of yourself!!


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