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Healthier Motion is one of the fastest-growing companies in the supplement niche

We have over 13000 customers in less than a year and continuing to grow every single day.

We believe now is the right time to expand and grow with affiliates.

We aim to provide the best service to our customers and supplying only the highest quality products, we have been fine-tuning our systems for the past 12 months, so that everything will operate smoothly

This means for you as an affiliate, you will have the knowledge and confidence that you are working with a company that will be around for the long haul, and there will always be an opportunity here for you.

Our product range is ever-expanding, and you will be at the front of the momentum we are having with our company. 

Let's build a long-term relationship and make sure, that you, we, and our customers are all in a win-win situation. 

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You will receive your tracking number once your order is dispatched. Simply head on over to and insert your tracking code.

Simply reach out to us via the live chat widget or email us at, and we will help you make any changes that are required.

Just reach out to us directly through the live chat widget or We will do everything we can, to fix the issue and make things right.

We typically pick, pack and ship your order within hours of you placing the order. While you can’t cancel the order we offer a full 30-day refund if you are not happy with your order for any reason.

We stand behind all of our formulas and products and are convinced that they will help you lead a happier and healthier life. Should you not be 100% satisfied with your product, we offer a full 30-day refund, simply return the product and we will refund you immediately with no questions asked.

Simply reach out to us via the live chat widget or email us at:

All of our products are formulated, produced, and manufactured in the US.

You can buy all of our products directly in our store. Simply click here to see all of our products.

Yes, all of our products are designed to perfectly integrate into your everyday life.


Our Healthier Motion Slim Patch is a weight loss product that helps suppress appetite.

We recommend using the Slim Patches for at least 60 days to see optimal results. Alongside using the Slim Patch we also recommend moderate daily movement, a balanced diet and good sleep.

We only use the highest quality ingredients for our Slim Patches.

​​Zinc pyruvate


Yerba mate

Flaxseed oil

Raspberry Fruit Extract




Fucus vesiculosus extract

Zinc citrate

Yes, you simply apply one new Slim Patch in the morning.

Yes, the Patches will stick even when taking a shower. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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24/7 Customer Support Available

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