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Why Most Diets Fail

Why Most dials fail and what to do about it

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Today, we’re going to talk about diets– the inevitable strategy for reaching our health and fitness goals. However, not every diet achieves promised results; in fact most diets fail and often result in unintended weight gain. 

Why does this happen?

Eating Less Triggers Hunger

Our willpower is no match for the major cravings our body has during diets. Eating foods with lots of sugar or higher carbs will typically increase your hunger and slow your metabolism. To avoid these cravings, make sure to fill up with proteins for breakfast and satisfy hunger with fresh whole foods.

Misleading Calories 

Many diets involve some form of calorie counting, which can often derail your results by causing a shift in your metabolism, increasing your hunger. Instead, it’s more beneficial to try eating low-glycemic foods more often without restrictions due to calories.

Low-Fat Dieting

It would only make sense that a low-fat diet will help you lose fat– so why does this not always work? Eating more fat and fewer carbs can actually increase your metabolism! Don’t be afraid to incorporate healthy fats into your meals; it will help you in the long run.

Individual Reactions/Conditions

You may not realize this, but sometimes your diet won’t seem effective due to exposure to inflammation. Unknown allergies, gut issues, and toxins can lead to inflammation, depending on the person. Before starting a diet, it’s helpful to detox, address possible health concerns, and avoid inflammatory foods.

Lack of Direction

We’ve all been there– not feeling good about our body, so we say, “I’m starting my diet tomorrow” with a feeling of urgency. But jumping into a diet without making a plan will likely set you up for failure. For a diet to work, you should understand how it works and why you chose it. If you try a diet on a whim, you might find it unbearable and quit immediately.

Diets are a tricky science to succeed in, but finding the right tools and methods can help you achieve the results you’re looking for. Our Slim Patches are a great tool to help you succeed on your diet, as they help you start seeing results effortlessly and help you establish a routine when used daily. 

The Slim Patch is a great aid to help you maintain a healthy and productive diet!


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