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Weight Loss 101: The Hunger Hormone

The Hunger Hormone

When it comes to weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle, there’s one common thing that can easily derail your routine– hunger.

In reality, hunger is a good thing that reminds us to nourish our bodies with healthy food! However, there is a “hunger hormone” officially named “Ghrelin” that can affect your ability to regulate your diet. 

What is the hunger hormone

The hunger hormone named “Ghrelin” functions to increase your appetite, leading you to consume more calories. It works under your body’s routine to protect you from starvation. The levels will typically rise when your stomach feels empty, and can particularly increase when you start a new diet. 

How can you lower these hormone levels when trying to lose weight?

Because your Ghrelin levels will increase while dieting, it can be challenging to maintain your new weight and reach weight loss goals. Luckily, there are things you can do to avoid this. Some of the most effective solutions are:

  • Getting on a good sleep schedule
  • A high-protein diet
  • Avoid extreme weight changes
  • Maintain a stable diet

When it comes to maintaining a stable diet and routine, our Slim Patch from Healthier Motion can make a significant, positive difference. 

How can the slim patch help?

Our Slim Patch helps to aid in your weight loss/health journey for faster results with 100% natural ingredients while allowing you to eat healthily rather than restricting your food intake.

However, the Slim Patch is made for daily use, which can influence your ability to maintain a routine. Instead of going in and out of long diet periods (which will increase your hunger hormone levels), you will be able to keep a steady routine and therefore avoid an increase in your appetite that could lead to weight gain.

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