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The Science of Social Media and Health

How To Stay Healthy in the Social Media Age

Recently, we came across a study from Harvard, which confirms that social media can have a negative effect on health– specifically, our weight, happiness, and habits.

Social media is filled with posts that reflect the most attractive aspects of everyone’s life, such as yummy food, relaxing activities, and picture-perfect appearances. Regularly absorbing this content can cause us to lose touch with reality.

While you may have committed yourself to a healthy routine, social media can derail your mindset. You might have planned a healthy meal for dinner, but then see a photo of your favorite cheat-day food and all of a sudden… that’s what you want for dinner. Or maybe you were planning on going to the gym, but you see all your friends posting about a new TV show that is airing– you might consider ditching the gym, so you don’t miss out.

Stick To Your Goals

Social media can distract us from our health journey with tempting images, but it can also take away the ability to focus on our happiness. Feel motivated to stick to your health goals and inner happiness by taking some time away from social media distractions.

Avoid the toxic influence of unrealistic representations online, and connect with your reality and especially your routine. Having a good health routine makes a huge difference, and our Slim Patch can help you stay on track to meet your goals! 

Wear one every day as a part of your routine and start seeing your body goals in real life, not on social media.

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