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How To Detox

Learn how to detox

Let’s talk about detox

In the simplest form, detoxing is like spring cleaning for your health. It gives you a chance to remove toxins that have been building up in your system over time. Through different dietary detox plans, your detox organs can get some time to rest, recover, and improve.

Now let’s discuss some facts about what happens when your body detoxes through your diet!

How Long Does it Take to Detox?

This can refer to the length of your detox plan and the amount of time it actually takes for your body to complete the detox. Standard programs can last anywhere from three to 21 days. However, for detox results, you may have to wait up to four weeks.

Can I Eat On a Detox?

Yes! A healthy detox doesn’t require you to cut out everything. Instead, you’re typically cutting out those empty calories that can be damaging to your body like alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar, white rice, and more depending on the plan you choose. 

How Will Detox Make Me Feel?

This depends on the plan you choose and how you were eating before. For example, if you are dependent on caffeine you may experience withdrawals, but they won’t last forever! As long as you’re getting the right nutrients during your detox, you’ll end up feeling better than ever.

Are There Other Ways to Get Rid of Toxins?

Aside from a detox diet, some other methods can help your body release toxins– like our Slim Patch. The natural ingredients in our patches will help improve your metabolic system to move out of the toxins!



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