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Customer Spotlight Jessie

"My Life Is Forever Changed."

Here at Healthier Motion, our customer’s happiness and health is our number one priority. This is why when we heard this customer’s inspirational story about their journey with Healthier Motion, we had to share it with you!


Jessie's Weight Loss Story

Check it out. Jessie, age 37, said:

“In the past, I’ve been known to ‘yo-yo’ diet, aka seeing my weight go up and down as I try (and regularly give up on) new diets. I needed to change my habits to become more consistent with my health, but I honestly wasn’t confident I’d be able to. I found Healthier Motion and decided to give the Slim Patch a try even though I was skeptical, and let’s just say… my life is forever changed.

I started using the Slim Patch in addition to making healthy changes to my lifestyle (instead of diving headfirst into an intense diet). Using the Slim Patch every day was easy & comfortable without any of the odd side effects I was nervous about. What really stood out was how it helped put a routine into my mindset, so I wasn’t tempted to give up like always.

I began to feel more energy, motivation, and excitement towards my health (who knew?) – then I started seeing results. I looked amazing and was hitting weight loss goals without unhealthy dieting, and that is what made me finally feel confident in my ability to stay healthy. After all the weight loss products, diets, and tricks I’ve used over the years– the Slim Patch is the one thing that made a permanent, healthy lifestyle change possible! I’ve never felt so beautiful and happy.”

Is this as inspiring for you as it is for us? Try our Healthier Motion Slim Patches yourself!

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