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Celebrity Weight Loss Tips

The Weight Loss Tips Celebrities Follow

Recently, we’ve been inspired by celebrity weight loss transformations. However, we understand that those “A-list” transformations seem hard to achieve without the luxuries of a celebrity lifestyle.

Many celebrities have revealed their secret tips for weight loss, and we want to share them with you…

Plan Ahead

A-Lister Candance Cameron from Full House shared her weight loss hack– planning her meals and snacks, too! This way, your hunger won’t encourage you to indulge in something unhealthy because you’ll be prepared with the perfect healthy pick-me-up!

Accept Imperfection

It’s all about balance! Gossip Girl star Blake Lively said that she owes part of her weight loss journey to leaving a small portion of her diet for yummy cravings and snacks, because no diet will be perfect, and when you accept that it will be easier not to give up.

Avoid Late-Night Bites

Weight Watcher’s spokeswomen Jennifer Hudson suggests fighting your late-night cravings and going to bed instead– those midnight munchies can cause next-morning regret.

Food Journaling

Carrie Underwood is committed to writing down every bite! She explained in an interview that recording her food intake helps her make better choices and remind her when she should eat.

Hire Help

Lifestyle star Chrissy Teigen attributes her weight loss to the help of her nutritionists, dieticians, trainers, and nannies. Realistic, right? Wrong! We know that it’s very rare to be able to afford so much help when losing weight. That’s why we created a product that you can afford to help you with your weight loss journey…

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