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Gut-Based Immunity

Gut-Based Immunity - Healthier Motion

How to develop gut-based immunity

 It may be trying to tell you something! Gut health plays an important role within your immune system, and you should make sure you’re treating it right. 

Gut Health & Immunity

 Did you know that our gut-based immune system accounts for more than 40% of our body’s immune system? The microbes in our gut interact with immune cells, and research shows that this relationship can influence an overactive system. 

This over-reactivity can appear in a variety of ways, such as food sensitivities and allergies. Early exposure to diverse microbes can even have a positive, strengthening effect on our immune system. However, studies have shown that implementing a healthy diet can reduce over-reactivity for improved gut-based immunity.

If you want to get your gut healthy, you can always start with our Healthier Motion Slim Patches. These Slim Patches stimulate your body to improve your digestive system, leading to a healthier gut and immune system!


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